Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Nursing is the activity directed towards the improvement of the health of a patient in health care facilities using professional knowledge and skills. It aims at the creation of the most comfortable environment for the restoration of the patient's personal power. When taking into consideration the important role of nursing in the modern society, it is necessary for a nurse to develop assumptions about practice and awareness of major domains of nursing to succeed in the profession.
The ethical basis for the professional activity of a nurse is humanity and mercy. The most important tasks in the professional activity of a nurse are complex care of patients, the relief of their sufferings, improvement of health and rehabilitation, health promotion and prevention of diseases.
In the philosophy of nursing, there exist four main domains: a person, environment, health, and nursing. A life of a person is the highest value in the profession of a nurse. A patient should be treated with respect and confidentiality. Regarding the environment, each person is unique, so it is necessary to take into consideration the background of every patient to provide his or her with corresponding treatment. A nurse should perceive health of a patient as individually experienced. Nursing is the provision of medical services in the correspondence with the domains mentioned above. All the domains are interconnected, so the provision of health care services is impossible without any of them.
I think that in the future I will be able to build my personal philosophy of nursing that will help me deal with multiple challenges in my profession. Among the challenges, that may take place are the choice between the moral principles and the professional duty, the decisions that need to be taken urgently without consulting with the physicians, and the need to find a personal approach to each particular patient. My goals for the professional development are to improve the practical and theoretical knowledge and to learn more about the psychology of patients to be able to create a comfortable psychological environment for them.
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